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Takeoshare Inc., an organization formed to help disable and low income working people find free or promotional product and services, we provides an online listing marketplace for everyone to list or donate items used and new. Our store is an online multivendor charity marketplace designed to make giving and receiving easier, by putting the option of giving and receiving into your hand. Our methods will make it easier for people worldwide to take or share without judging or being judged. This will help consumers contribute, conserve and recycle more. We are working closely with communities, organizations, manufacturers, distributors & churches to help populate Takeoshare Inc. (takeoshare.com) with new and lightly used items.

We are using our vendor blog to gather and list, Resourceful Links, Classified Ads and Entertainment Gallery as an additional contribution towards helping consumers, reach the right people, business and audience to suit their needs. Now everyone could do their part, whether it's for recycling or to help someone in need. To be honest this company depends on you, that’s the only way we will make a difference. Hope to see you around.

We have implemented total transparency, by adding a vendor dashboard to help giver(s) and vendor(s) keep up to date with all transaction. Every item and dollar donated will be link to an account focus on a specific need or charity.  We will also be hosting fundraising events to help increase our inventory and services from time to time,.. Register today, subscribe to our newsletter and blog for updates on events and changes as they occur.

Our Mission

Develop multiple re-manufacturing plants for the purpose of cleaning, repairing, packaging and storing of used items for redistribution. With your support we will be able to offer multiples jobs and training programs in various fields; web developers, graphics designers, photographers, videographers, laborers, mechanics, technicians, detailers and many others.

Our plan is to keep expanding this company, until poverty no longer affects disable and hard working consumers and we all can see eye to eye that everyone matters.

You're welcome to list your promotional, informational and free donated products and services on TAKEOSHARE.COM.

We Offer Rewards

Our rewards program is free and enables members to earn revenue for participating. Below is a breakdown of how to earn revenue with loyalty point:
  • Affiliate Link Sale = 100 points
  • Become a Vendor = 100 points
  • Donate an Item = 20 points
  • Take an Order = 20 points
  • Ship an Order = 200 points
  • Invite others = 100 points

  • Each loyalty point = $0.01
  • 10,000 loyalty points = $100.00
  • Required loyalty points for withdrawal = 10,000

Upgrade Planning

As you can see, we are the only charity marketplace online with futuristic shopping features. We are doing our best to keep up with the changes of time, by making your shopping and listing experience easier in everyway, with our new updated looks and feel functions. Help us make a difference, create an account at Takeoshare.com today.  Upload your promotional, informational, monetary or physical donation to help those in need.



Gerard Hope

Founders & Directors

Get to know more about who is responsible for the planning and development of Takeoshare Inc. & (takeoshare.com). These projects usually take a lot of time and a group of qualified individuals to make it possible. I have struggled from year to year with the planning and development of this multivendor charity marketplace but never got to a launch date because I needed a team and is still in needs of a team. I am seeking individuals with the knowledge of writing, website designing, graphics designing, accounting, project planning, fundraising, investing and marketing to be my partners. If you're interested and will like to apply to become an authorize partner or director of Takeoshare Inc. (takeoshare.com) please send your resume to admin@takeoshare.com.
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Gerard Hope

Art Director

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Gerard Hope

Lead Designer

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Gerard Hope

Tech Leader

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Gerard Hope


We need you

Your donation will help millions of disable and low income working people in the United States of America to overcome poverty. We will be using 100% of your donation to support: Frecycle Items Collection & Distribution | Escro Housing Developments | GrouBuy Services

- Gerard Hope - Campaigne Manager

Raise Funds(Fundraising)
Do you need help with a situation or know a family or someone that need our help, let us know by starting a fundraising campaigne on yours or someone else behalf.

- Gerard Hope - Site Cordinator

Do you have anything in good condition that you no longer use or don't need or will like to donate, please feel free to list it on Takeoshare.

- Gerard Hope - Marketing Agent

  • Become a Customer, Vendor and or Affiliate, support, save and earn.
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter and or Vendors Blog for updates as they occur.
  • Shop and or Request low cost and free items.
  • Tell someone to tell Someone.

- Gerard Hope - Publicis